* About Clocktower Law (cont.)

Why Clocktower Law?

There are good and bad patent lawyers at big and small law firms. We like to think we are good patent lawyers at a small patent law firm.

If you like legalese, reams of paper, and yes men, then Clocktower Law is not the right law firm for you. If, on the other hand, you like plain English, email, and lawyers who tell it like it is, then we may be a good fit.

Plain English

Our job is to teach you enough about the law so that you can make the right business decisions at the right times. Your job is to teach us enough about your business so that we can file patents and trademarks to protect your ideas and identity.

Less Paper

Because patent law and trademark law are federal, our clients are located all over the United States – and the world. As such, we have many clients whom we’ve never met in person. We have “met” with people, however, via teleconference, on Skype, and even in Second Life!

After our initial consultation, we communicate primarily by email. We will send you paper only when necessary.


We give you the advice we would want to receive if we were in your shoes.

We won’t try to talk you into filing patents and trademarks that don’t make sense for your business. In fact, we spend a great deal of time talking our clients out of doing things that are a waste of time and money!

If your patent application has little chance of issuing as a patent, or if your trademark application is likely to cause confusion with other trademarks, then we will tell you so. There are lots of things that other lawyers don’t want you to know. We are not like them. We tell it like it is.

P.S. What you see is what you get. On this website, on the phone, in person. We didn’t hire anyone else to tell our story. We wrote every word on this website ourselves.