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Erik’s Blog

Clocktower Law’s founder, Erik J. Heels, maintains a blog at erikjheels.com. Erik has been blogging since 2002. Sample articles appear below.

Patent Law Articles

  1. How To Start A Boston Patent Law Practice (11/8/2011)
    Advice for new Boston patent lawyers.
  2. Men Of Great Genius: Venetian Senate, Patent Act of 1474 (4/11/2011)
    All modern patent statutes are derived from the Venetian Patent Act of 1474.
  3. Patent Law 101 (1/26/2011)
    An introduction to patent law in plain English.
  4. A Mere Mortal’s Guide To Patents Post-Bilski (Or Why §101 Is A Red Herring) (7/9/2010)
    It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing
  5. Drawing That Explains Patent Costs (08/17/2007)
    How to control the cost of filing a patent.
  6. Drawing That Explains Patent Laws (7/19/2007)
    From Chief Justice to the patent examiner.
  7. To Search Or Not To Search (12/5/2006)
    That is the (pretty simple) question.
  8. How To Get And Defend A Patent Without Going Broke (8/2/2004)
    It is possible for independent inventors and small businesses to acquire patents and protect their ideas without going broke in the process.

Trade Secret Law Articles

  1. Pirate Nondisclosure Agreement (9/19/2007)
    Come show me how ye bury yer treasure, lad!
  2. If Your Only Tool Is A Hammer (3/2/2002)
    Sometimes it is best to get a patent for your invention, sometimes trade secret protection is better.
  3. Patents vs. Trade Secrets (2/5/2002)
    The advantages and disadvantages of protecting business ideas with patents and trade secrets.

Trademark Law Articles

  1. Madrid Protocol: Affordable International Trademarks For Startups (11/14/2008)
    The Madrid Protocol is a great option for startups who want foreign trademark protection but don’t want to file trademarks in separate countries.
  2. The Brand Wars Are Coming, The Brand Wars Are Coming! (7/1/2007)
    How to defend your brands on the Internet.
  3. Just Say Moo – How To Name And Brand Your Product To Make It Stand Out From The Crowd (12/8/2003)
    Good branding can separate your cow from the other cattle.

Domain Name Law Articles

  1. Scamming The Chinese Domain Name Scammers http://www.erikjheels.com/2738.html (6/3/2011)
    Don’t Fall For China Domain Name Fraud. Seek The Deeper Meaning Of Words.
  2. How To Twittersquat The Top 100 Brands (1/8/2009)
    A call for the creation of the Uniform Username Dispute Resolution Policy.
  3. Domain Name Law (1/28/2008)
    White hat domainers are not black hat cybersquatters.
  4. Erik J. Heels Announces Start-Up Heels.com Shoe Store (11/12/2007)
    With the name Heels, Erik Heels was destined to be either a podiatrist or a shoe salesman.

Copyright Law Articles

  1. SpongeBob, Dracula, and Copyright (8/17/2011)
    Content owners have been getting it wrong for a long time. Plus why 1995-2025 is the dark ages of the Internet.
  2. Drawing That Explains Copyright Law (7/18/2007)
    Copyright rights, unregulated uses, and fair use.
  3. How To Write, Copyright, And Publish Your Own Book (11/19/2002)
    Self-publishing books is much easier than it used to be. It can also be fun and, if you do it well, profitable.
  4. Ease-of-Copying In The Digital Age – Turning A Negative Into A Positive (4/29/1996)
    Rather than worrying about ease-of-copying, owners of copyrighted works should use it to their advantage.