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Flat Fees

We do a couple dozen things really well and charge flat-rate fees for most of those things. For the hourly stuff, we can tell you the average costs (based on 10+ years of data) so you can budget accordingly. We simplify our fee structure at least annually and welcome your feedback.

When you are considering various law firms, you should ask each how much they charge per hour, whether filing fees are included, whether follow-up filings will be required, and so on. For example, we are always honest about the fact that filing a patent represents about 50% of the cost, overcoming objections from the Patent Office represents about the other 50% of the cost.

While we do require reasonable initial retainers for all services, you may pay all bills (including the retainer) by check, credit card, or PayPal. See our proposal [PDF] for details.

Service Clocktower Fees
US Patents  
US Patent Search (flat rate) 3400
US Patent (hourly) 425
US Patent Misc Filing (Assignment, POA, Etc.) (flat rate) 425
US Patent Office Action Reply (flat rate) 7225
US Design Patent Application Filing (flat rate) 3400
Foreign Patents  
Foreign Patent (hourly) 850
PCT Application Filing (flat rate) 6800
US Trademarks  
US Trademark Search (flat rate) 850
US Trademark Application Filing (flat rate) 850
US Trademark (hourly) 425
US Trademark Misc Filing (Assignment, POA, Etc.) (flat rate) 425
US Trademark Office Action Reply Filing (flat rate) 425
US Trademark Renewal (flat rate) 425
Foreign Trademarks  
Foreign Trademark (hourly) 850
Foreign Trademark Application Filing (flat rate) 3400
Foreign Trademark Misc Filing (Assignment, POA, Etc.) (flat rate) 850
Foreign Trademark Office Action Reply Filing (flat rate) 850
Foreign Trademark Renewal (flat rate) 850
Domain Names & IP Counseling  
Intellectual Property Counseling (hourly) 850
Domain Name (hourly) 850
Domain Name UDRP Filing (flat rate) 6800
Domain Purchase/Sale (flat rate) 10000
0. Prices listed are U.S. Dollars (USD, US$).
1. As of 2014-01-01, CTLG’s rate is 425/hour.
2. Government fees are not included, vary wildly, and change frequently. See “Links To Other Websites” below.


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