* Fees

Mostly Flat Fees

While we do have an hourly rate, we charge fixed amounts (flat rates) for many things that we do. Third-party fees vary (sometimes wildly), but we use rigorous math (based on many years of data) to help you budget accordingly. We simplify our fee structure at least annually.

When you are considering various law firms, you should ask each how much they charge per hour, whether filing fees are included, whether follow-up filings will be required, and so on. For example, we are always honest about the fact that filing a patent represents only about 50% of the cost (like ascending Mount Everest), overcoming objections from the Patent Office represents about the other 50% of the cost (like descending Mount Everest).

We require reasonable retainers for all services, and you may pay all bills (including the retainer) by check, credit card, or PayPal.

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