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Transparent Fees For IP That Matters

We guide our clients into filing patents and trademarks only when it makes sense for their business. Which helps them spend less on IP and more on product. Which helps them have successful exits.

While we do have an (old fashioned) hourly rate, we charge fixed amounts (flat rates) for many things that we do. Third-party fees vary (sometimes wildly), but we use rigorous math (based on many years of data) to help you budget accordingly. We simplify our fee structure at least annually.

When you are considering various law firms, you should ask each how much they charge per hour, whether filing fees are included, whether follow-up filings will be required, and so on. For example, we are always honest about the fact that filing a patent represents only about 50% of the cost (like ascending Mount Everest), overcoming objections from the Patent Office represents about the other 50% of the cost (like descending Mount Everest).

We require reasonable retainers for all services, and you may pay all bills (including the retainer) by check, credit card, or PayPal.

Finally, after phase one (the search) is complete, you may choose “smooth” or “lumpy” pricing plans.

Smooth Pricing

  • $1500/month per patent.
  • $150/month per trademark.

Lumpy Pricing

The table below shows the traditional “lumpy” pricing option.

Phase Service You Should Budget [0]
Patent Prosecution
1: Search Patent Search 5000 (flat rate)
2: Filing US Utility Patent Application 7,000 to 17,000 [1]
US Provisional Patent Application 6,000 to 16,000 [2]
US Design Patent Application about 5,500
PCT Application about 10,000
Foreign Patent Application [3] 7,000 to 17,000 [1]
3: Pending US Patent Office Action Reply about 3,000
Foreign Patent Office Action Reply varies
4: Renewal US Patent Renewal 1,300 at year 3.5
2,300 at year 7.5
4,200 at year 11.5
Foreign Patent Renewal varies
17: Random US Patent Misc.
(Assignment, POA, Etc.)
Foreign Patent Misc.
(Assignment, POA, Etc.)
Trademark Prosecution
1: Search Trademark Search 1,000 (flat rate) [4]
2: Filing US Trademark Application about 2,000
Foreign Trademark Application,
about 4,000
Foreign Trademark Application,
Other Country [5]
about 3,000
3: Pending US Trademark Office Action Reply varies
Foreign Trademark Office Action Reply varies
US Trademark Statement of Use (SOU) 500 (flat rate)
4: Renewal US Trademark Renewal about 1,500
Foreign Trademark Renewal varies
17: Random US Trademark Misc.
(Assignment, POA, Etc.)
about 750
Foreign Trademark Misc.
(Assignment, POA, Etc.)
Other Services
Domain Purchase/Sale 10,000 (flat rate)
Trademark Purchase/Sale 20,000 (flat rate)
Patent Purchase/Sale 30,000 (flat rate)
DISCOUNT for nonprofit 50% off of our fees (client pays costs)
DISCOUNT for pro bono 100% off of our fees (client pays costs)
0. As of 2017-07-01, our rate is 500/hour. The “you should budget” amount includes our fees plus third party costs such as government filing fees. See below for links to government filing fees. For US estimates, small entity fees are used in the estimates.
1. Two-thirds of our filings are in this range. Search cost is included in this number. To minimize your cost, use our outline.
2. To minimize your cost, use our outline.
3. 12% of our patent clients file foreign patents. 96% of those foreign patents are filed in six “countries” (Europe, Japan, India, Canada, Australia, China).
4. Applies only if we search – but do not file – your trademark.
5. 12% of our trademark clients file foreign trademarks. 74% of those foreign trademarks are filed in six “countries” (Europe, Canada, Australia, China, Japan, India).

Government Fees (Links To Other Websites)