* Filing A Patent

File A Patent

After you hire us, it takes about two months to file your patent application.

Phase one is the patent search, which takes about one month. We always start with a patent search. We charge a flat fee for a patent search. If the search turns up something that is really close, then it may not make sense to proceed with a patent, but you would have saved yourself the additional expense of a patent application. If the search does not turn up something close, then we use the search report to help us write the patent application.

Phase two is writing and filing the patent application, which takes about one month. We charge by the hour to prepare patent applications. Costs vary depending on how involved each inventor is. We have a patent outline that we use for inventors who want to save money by writing their own first draft.

Phase three is waiting. Once your application is filed, your invention is “patent pending” and will remain so unless/until a patent issues or you abandon your application. For most flavors of patent applications, you can count on multiple years of “patent pending” before the U.S. Patent Office replies.

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