* Alan Feeney

Alan Feeney has over 25 years of legal experience and over 20 years specializing in intellectual property law. Working as the Director of U.S. Patent Counsel for IPSEN located in Paris, France, Mr. Feeney was responsible for all of IPSEN’s IP in the U.S. (Pharm & Biopharma); Ireland (Manufacturing); and Spain (Drug Delivery Technology). Senior IP Attorney, Chief Patent Counsel. He developed intellectual property strategies to protect the company’s peptide, protein, and drug development candidates. He successfully drafted and defended over 100 patents. While at IPSEN, Mr. Feeney also served as patent counsel for many international joint ventures and partnerships. Prior to IPSEN, Mr. Feeney secured hundreds of patents representing diverse technologies including: mechanical, engineering, utility, design, and material science. He served as a litigator for many years and served as a contract examiner for the USPTO.

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