* Clocktower Law Publishes ‘Friends Of The Firm’ v2

Agents, Attorneys, and Other Service Providers

The “Friends of The Firm” project was first published in the summer of 2007 as a series of blog posts:


Today, rather than publishing our friends’ bios as blog posts (which admittedly can get lost in the shuffle), we have published “Friends of the Firm” info on the Clocktower Law website proper:

Friends of the Firm (2017-01-01)
Agents, Attorneys, and Other Service Providers

Clocktower Law tries to help everyone who contacts us, but we obviously can’t do everything. So we have experts in law, consulting, technology, and other areas to whom we refer folks. Rather than keeping this information secret, we have chosen to make it public.

I know that it’s not every day that a law firm offers to give other lawyers free publicity. Then again, we are not a typical law firm!

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